How To Use

We have almost fixed everything for you. Here is the last dose to make it even simpler for you!

  • Set your preferences such as research interests, country, university, and university ranking.
  • Keywords are not case sensitive.
  • Try not to use special characters like symbols, hashtags as the system ignores them.
  • For a broader search, use common keywords. There are general search terms in any field of study like ‘business administration’, ‘machine learning, or ‘computer vision.’
  • We have got your back with our AI-driven system. Still, it is always better not to use abbreviations for more relevant search results.
  • When you search multiple keywords without separation or comma, your search results will be based on all keywords. If you search “deep learning computer vision”, the results will feature only those supervisors matching exact keywords.
  • Use a comma or “and” for getting search results featuring all keywords separately. For instance, “deep learning, image processing” will give results for supervisors having research interests in image processing and deep learning.
  • If your search output gives no result, your number of remaining searches is not reduced.