ApplyOrg | How to email a potential supervisor?

How to email a potential supervisor?

If you are a graduate student but are looking for ways to continue and expand your knowledge, a very good way to start is by contacting the professors and supervisors you want to work with.

Most students struggle their entire years of study trying to figure out how to reach their professors in a way that they can help them and supervise them; even when they want to start a postgraduate, they can seem difficult talking to some supervisors in order to find a guide.

So, it is always necessary to learn how to use the correct words if you are looking to get a professor’s attention; the best way to do so is to write a good Email.

Quick and Simple

It is always better to get straight to the point; do not overfill the email with unnecessary words, be brief, simple, do not use more than 50 words unless it is necessary. This way will prevent supervisors to avoid reading your email.

Also, it is necessary to be clear, state your position with few words so they understand you are determined, and skin their approval for specific reasons.

Make sure they know who you are

Since professors and supervisors attend a lot of students at once, it might be hard for them to know exactly who you are. For this reason, it is crucial to introduce yourself; explain a bit what your research interests are, what you have studied before, and where you got your studies. Remember to be brief and clear so they get to know a bit about you.

 Explain your research interests

What are the reasons you have decided to do a postgraduate, why have you chosen that topic, what are you looking to get from this; although it might seem like a lot of information, you can make a small summary in a few lines, so let them know the reasons for your decision.

Tell them why you chose them

Your professor or supervisor should know why you decided to choose them as your guide, if you already know them, it is crucial to state why you are interested in their work and in their research. Try to make a connection in the most formal and respectful way.

If you once went to their classes or courses, mention how much you enjoyed them. Also, add simple questions; formal does not mean to be awkward, write as if you were talking to them in person, in a friendly way

Remember as well to keep a follow-up, just to make sure they got to read your email. A quick reminder to let them know your needs and goals.