We are a bunch of self-motivated educational innovators. Here is some information about what we do, why we do it, and how we do it!

Our Mission

We are working on making an interactive community that connects postgraduate students with international research supervisors. Our efforts are directed to contribute to the education industry by bringing researchers and supervisors closer beyond international boundaries.
We have translated our vision into a universally accessible and enriched database. We exist to help postgraduate students to have a hassle-free supervisor search endeavour.
APPLYORG is the best in class!
Our innovative approach integrated with ease, simplicity, and speed makes us different. It helps us to stand out from the rest of the industry players. Our team plays with data and makes efforts to provide a seamless search journey without compromising your data integrity.

Why We Do What We Do

We are working on the higher goal of making the world a more connected and shared space. We have chosen the education industry because we believe in informed decision-making. A decision backed with data is equally beneficial for students pursuing postgraduate studies and supervisors.

Why Are We Different?

Here is what makes us different!

We Are First Here!

We addressed postgraduate students’ frustration in looking for a suitable supervisor, we identified the gap, and we took action first! After all efforts, hits and trials, we succeeded in making a sustainable, trustworthy, and transparent ecosystem for candidates to find and get connected with their future supervisors.

We Are Innovators

Innovation defines us, and creativity is our specialty! We work on our goal of innovating supervisor search for students, but it is not the end! We believe in continuous improvement and consistent performance. We grow and positively evolve every day!

We are a Cornerstone of the Education Community

Our team is always busy updating different databases and enhancing our AI-enabled search engine. We are striving to create a comprehensive, all-in-one global ecosystem. The students can find supervisors and stay ahead of any new educational opportunity without caring about geographical boundaries. It is our contribution to making the world a better place to live!

We Live the Brand & Lifestyle We Promote

We live by what we preach! Our talented team is composed of research scholars, postgraduate students, and students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Our team members have suffered from the same tedious search process and fully understand the frustration of new postgraduate candidates. All our efforts are directed toward them: making their postgraduate journey less stressful. We ensure this by working closely with educational consultants, education gurus, researchers, university professors, industry professionals, and volunteers.

We Are Dedicated To Students

APPLYORG is an ecosystem for students. At APPLYORG, we highly value diversity, family values, career independence, choices, and personality development. We believe in inclusion and independence. It enables us to provide our team members with unique opportunities- fruitful for personal and professional development. We vowed to provide authentic and comprehensive information to all the students looking for a reliable information source. We promised, and we delivered. Your trust keeps us going.